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Our Vision

We envision to be the industry leader in online resources. By using a holistic approach to personal development, Something Diph4rent enables anyone to succeed by developing the skills and knowledge to embrace their life’s unique purpose. Be Something Diph4rent company is passionate about empowering people to explore, learn, enjoy and succeed the future they desire. 

Be Something Diph4rent is an organization of dedicated professionals who are driven to positively impact the lives of people through easy access to a wide range of online resources at one location. With something for everyone, we are dedicated to empowering people to grow and develop by learning new skills, exploring professional resources, embracing inspirational media, engaging with mentors, and enjoying a broad selection of entertainment. Be Something Diph4rent helps people help themselves. 

Our Mission

        Djaying     Photography   Videography
 These are services we provide for the public while providing on-the-job training through mentorship and inspiration. The majority of our profit goes toward mentorship programs and education. We are based in Augusta, Georgia. Please contact us for more information. 

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