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About Us


Donny Carswell is the Co-founder of Be Something Diph4rent LLC. He is married, a father of 4, and currently residing in Georgia. He was born in Fairbanks, Alaska raised in Augusta, Georgia, and is a United States veteran. He has a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from the University of Maryland University College and a Master’s in Art of Teaching: from the University of Phoenix. He is a passionate, innovator and a Man of God. He is an author, Djay, photographer, videographer, inspirational leader, mentor, and teacher. He was recognized on Good Morning America for his passion and innovation as a teacher. He is the co-founder of Be Something Diph4rent LLC, Adeyemi, and Chosen Gems. Carswell wants to inspire the next generation by creating opportunities and instilling confidence to be something diph4rent. His goal is to also teach youth how to develop essential life skills to overcome any obstacle and stay focused on their vision and purpose.

Good Morning America

Margie Carswell is the Co-Founder of Be Something Diph4rent LLC. She is married and a mother of 4, residing in Georgia. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and is a United States veteran. She has a BA in Psychology and Sociology from California State University, Dominguez Hills, and a Master’s in Education: Curriculum and Instructions from Liberty University. She is passionate, self-drive, and a God-fearing lady. She is an author, a poet, an inspirational leader, a life coach, and a dancer. She is the co-founder of Something Diph4rent and Chosen Gems. Carswell wants the youth to be confident, unique, love themselves for who they are, and let their talents shine since God chose them to be just that with a purpose.

Our Core Values

We do things differently - we pioneer our own methods that cut through the bustling competition and straight to the front of the pack. We do this by collectively operating under a pledge of integrity, trust, respect, compassion, professionalism, quality, excellence, accountability, and clear communication.


Dedicated    Integrity     Persistence      Honest    4ward-Thinking    Responsible    Excellence      Nurture     Trustworthy

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